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Searching for any wedding vendor can be overwhelming, but videographers especially so. There are so many of us with a lot of different styles and techniques. While I can’t tell you what you might like, I can definitely warn you about what you might *not* like, especially during your wedding day. Read through these red flags and remember them while searching for the perfect wedding videographer.

They don’t have enough wedding experience

We all start somewhere. We were all new at our jobs when, well, we were new. Some responsibilities, though, just aren’t appropriate for someone that’s new. You wouldn’t want a new medical student to make a diagnosis. You wouldn’t want a new chef to prepare your $85 steak.  You wouldn’t want a new license holder to valet park your Ferrari (although that’s a problem I wouldn’t mind having!).

While those examples might seem a bit extreme, weddings are a once in a lifetime non-repeatable event. If something is missed, it’s gone forever. You can’t just setup a wedding the next weekend to catch important moments that were missed or not captured properly! Experienced videographers can anticipate problems and already have a plan in place, and roll with changes or hiccups without missing a shot, all while using professional equipment with proper backups.

I have been a wedding videographer for nearly 16 years with hundreds and hundreds of weddings under my belt and just as many very happy brides! While we are all new at some point, put your trust in someone with experience to capture your memories.

Way too many trendy shots

We all love a good drone shot or two. Drones are pretty cool and definitely a trend, as are slider shots and fancy rotating gimbal shots. They’re all beautiful and can really enhance a good story, and I use them all.

The problem is when videographers rely on a video packed full of trendy shots because they’re making up for a sub-par story. When searching for a videographer and viewing their videos, look for a strong story. Wedding videos with a good story show you the emotion of the day, the anticipation of exciting moments, and utilize the words of those most important to the bride & groom.

While everyone loves a selection of pretty shots, my focus has always been story telling. I want you to feel the emotion of the day after watching my work. Check out my portfolio and then ask yourself this… do you feel like you know more about the bride & groom and their feelings for each other, or do you feel dizzy from too many circling shots and know every shingle on the roof of the church?

Too much posing and fake shots

There are so many videographers where creating the perfect video for their portfolio is more important than creating a personal video for you. A wedding is a very personal experience and it’s always an honor to be selected to capture such a special event. Your final video should tell *your* personal story and feel natural and organic. Some posing can be expected during certain times, but too much can take away from the story.

You definitely want to look for natural moments when watching videos online. Watch for moments that could naturally happen between a couple and organic interactions between people in general. Watch my work and look for natural expressions and organic moments, and pay attention to the story. Each one is different, and that should be reflected in the videos you watch.

And last, but not least…

Hanging out in your face all day

One thing that drives me crazy when I’m shooting photos or I’m a guest at a wedding is seeing videographers in the face of the bride & groom all day long. Imagine this; the bride and groom haven’t seen each other all day. The groom is quietly waiting for the moment he sees his bride walking up the aisle. The music starts playing and the doors open. The groom looks nervously to see his bride, and everyone stands to see her… including the videographer, right in front of the groom. Puppies should be in your face, not videographers.

When watching videos from potential wedding videographers, watch for tell-tale signs that they will be in your face all day. Do they have an abundance of close-up shots during times that should be more personal? Ask potential videographers if they have the gear to capture moments from a distance. Maybe even reach out to previous brides and ask them how discrete the videographer was. This is your wedding day and you want to see your friends and loved ones, not the lens end of a camera!

My goal at every wedding is to use my experience to blend in when appropriate and respect every single person, yet still capture beautiful moments. Here’s a comment I received from a bride that booked me just a few weeks ago, after her friend Lauren offered her some help:

I remember Lauren asking me if I wanted to watch the highlight video from her videographer and I was like, “You had a videographer?!” But I love that, it made the footage so natural and heartfelt!

I shot Lauren’s wedding a few years ago and I’m so grateful that she referred her friend to me, and that everyone felt like I candid and natural!


For everything, there are exceptions. But overall, take these tips with you on your search for a wedding videographer and use them to help avoid situations you might regret. Better yet, check out my own portfolio right now and see if you feel I might be a good fit for your wedding!

Or if I’ve piqued your interest already, just fill out this form and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

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