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I always enjoy talking to anyone about video, and Sean being interested in video production made for some fun conversations! And Ashley, so sweet and kind… I was drawn to her energetic personality and had so much fun capturing their wedding! Everything turned out so beautifully, but when most of your day is at Hotel Covington, how could it be otherwise?!


wedding date : June 16, 2018
ceremony : Cathedral Basilica
reception : Hotel Covington
photography : Denise Ante Photography
dj : Cincy Wedding Services

Courtney & Kevin were a somewhat quiet couple, but had the most spectacular wedding! When you have Maura Bassman’s team running the show, and Ben Elsass shooting photos at your side, you know the day is going to be good. I had the best time being part of this wedding, and the amazing weather made it even better.


wedding date : June 9, 2018
ceremony : St Marys Church
reception : Ault Park Pavilion
photography : Ben Elsass Photography
coordinator : Maura Bassman Events

What can I say… Alissa and John were probably my craziest couple of the year, in such a good way! They have this spark and connection, and you could just tell they are meant to be together. Their wedding day was full of fun and laughs and lots of wonderful family!

I remember meeting them for the first time in a coffee shop and thinking that I could not wait for their wedding to arrive. I knew it would be fun and it exceeded my expectations!


wedding date : June 3, 2018
ceremony + reception : Cooper Creek Event Center
photography : Jeff Schaefer Photography

One of my favorite things about shooting weddings is when a family I worked for previously hires me again! I captured Caleb’s sister’s wedding a couple years before this and was SO excited to be a part of this wedding… and meet Vivian! She is so soft-spoken and so sweet and kind, and seeing them together was such a blessing.


wedding date : May 27, 2018
ceremony : Christ’s Church at Mason
reception : Receptions Fairfield

I first met Ashley and her mom together, and in all my years shooting weddings, these two stood out among the most awesome mother/daughter pairs! They had such grand plans for Ashley’s wedding and it turned out even more spectacular. I remember sitting in her mom’s dining room with Ashley and Patrick, talking about timeline details, and constantly getting sidetracked with conversation about travel, dogs, you name it!

What a spectacular couple. I feel so blessed to have been part of their wedding day and look forward to seeing them both on the trails around my house (they moved into my neighborhood after getting married)!


wedding date : May 26, 2018
ceremony : Friendship Methodist Church
reception : Cooper Creek Event Center
photography : Laura Leppert Photography
dj : Thad with Everlasting Sounds

While the weather didn’t cooperate for much of the day, Megan & Steve were troopers and their upbeat attitude and flexibility made their wedding so spectacular! They weren’t going to let some stinkin’ rain bring them down! Their ceremony was supposed to be on the lawn of the Chirlden’s Home in Kentucky, but it was just as amazing being moved last-minute to The Grand. At least we did get a break in the weather just long enough to capture some beautiful moments where their ceremony was supposed to be.

They were both so happy and Megan was beaming with excitement to become Steve’s wife, and they were just so beautiful together.


wedding date : May 19, 2018
ceremony + reception : The Grand Ballroom
photography : Shelby Street Photography

I worked very closely with Anne mother, Ruthann, and she is such a wonderful person! She took on such a huge roll for Anne & Jerry’s wedding and it showed in how beautifully planned and executed it was! It sure helped that the amazing Mary Barkocy was the coordinator. I worked with her for the first time at Jill & Nick’s wedding and she was so wonderful to work with.

This entire day just couldn’t have been any better. From the perfect weather to their amazing and beautiful reception, Anne & Jerry couldn’t have asked for more.


wedding date : May 5, 2018
ceremony :
reception :
photography : Meggie Baker from Images by Daniel Michael
coordinator : Mary Barkocy with Turning Point Events

Annie has got to be one of the sweetest brides I have ever worked with, and one of the friendliest! We had several amazing conversations about anything and everything, not just wedding stuff. Her and Michael were such a wonderful couple, and both families were just amazing… so kind and considerate, and they sure loved their new in-laws! What a wonderful day this turned out to be for a wonderful couple!


wedding date : April 28, 2018
ceremony : Holy Cross Immaculata
reception : Drees Pavilion
photography : Jeff Schaefer Photography

This is my second wedding with this family, and I’m always excited to work with a family multiple times! I shot Bethany’s brother’s wedding a few years before this, and now Bethany & Tyler! Bethany is obsessed with Disney and Disney Princesses, which I’m sure you can see in the video, and she had nothing short of a fairytale wedding!


wedding date : April 25, 2018
ceremony + reception : Unnewehr House at Bicentennial Park
photography : Andrea Winkler Boettcher
dj : Flyin’ Brian Hellmann (who was fantastic, by the way)

Allison reached out to me about a year before her wedding, which is always a good idea because after 13 years I’m still amazed at how quickly dates fill up! She was acctually a referral from another couple of mine from the year before, Kevin & Kaley Mitts (which was an AMAZING wedding with an AMAZING couple where I worked with Sherri Barber 🙂

When I saw these two together on their wedding day, it was bliss. Their chemistry was wonderful and they made my job so much fun! Plus the wedding party was crazy, which really added to the good times!


wedding date : April 7, 2018
ceremony  : Blessed Sacrament Church
reception : Newport Syndicate
photography : Goldshell Photography
dj : Chad from McFadden Music DJs